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ANC Alumna Kamanthi Wickramasinghe Awarded the Prestigious Lakshman Kadirgarmar Journalism Scholarship

ANC Education is pleased to congratulate Kamanthi Wickramasinghe on winning the Lakshman Kadirgarmar Journalism Scholarship, which will support her postgraduate studies at Manorama School of Communication (MASCOM), a best-in-class institute for aspiring journalists in the region.
Kamanthi joined ANC in 2012 shortly after completing her A-Levels at Royal Institute International School, where she had excelled at both academics and activities outside of the classroom as the head prefect – 2010/ 2011, a house captain, band member, an athlete, and a member of the Model United Nations Club. She was attracted to ANC for “the quality of ANC degree programs and resources available for learning.” She graduated with a BSc in Psychology from Missouri S&T, completing her full degree at ANC. Kamanthi was one of the hundreds of ANC students who took the full advantage of opportunities given to them to launch a promising career prior to graduation as she started working for the Daily Mirror as a second-year college student.
What inspired you to become a journalist?
I became a journalist by accident. Back then I was doing my degree at ANC when my father saw a job advertisement on paper for a feature writer at the Daily Mirror. I had a flair for writing and was already writing PR articles for the Rotaract Club I was involved in. Hence I applied for the vacancy and I was called in for an interview. The editor was quite satisfied with my work and gave the green light; I have been a part of the Daily Mirror editorial staff since 2014.
What are the awards/ honors received over the course of your career?
One year into my career at the Daily Mirror, I won the Denzil Peiris Young Reporter Award at the Journalism Awards ceremony organised by the Press Institute of Sri Lanka and the Editors' Guild. This Award came along with a scholarship to study at Manorama School of Communication (MASCOM) in Kerala, but unfortunately I couldn't go since I was completing my degree. It was followed by an award of appreciation in contributing to the National HIV response by UNAIDS Sri Lanka. One of the unforgettable incidents was when I won the Michael Konig Young Journalist Bursary in 2017 which is a competition organised by the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. As I won this award, I left to Cannes, France to collect it and also attend the Festival which was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In 2017, I also won the Zonta Woman of Achievement Award in the media category. Quite surprisingly, I once again got a chance to leave to MASCOM and this time I didn't want to miss it.
How did ANC prepare you for career success?
ANC offers a holistic learning experience in line with the US education system. I followed the British curriculum from my younger days. When I joined ANC I was impressed with the wide array of subjects on offer and opportunities open for students pursuing an American qualification. As far as my career is concerned, in addition to Psychology related skills, my education at ANC helped me improve a number of general skills, including academic writing and presentation skills, research skills, organization and time management, communication and interpersonal skills, and critical thinking skills that are a key to success in any field, whether it’s journalism, teaching, business, engineering, or medicine.
In addition to that, ANC admission counsellors always make it a point to discuss about career pathways with prospective students and their parents. I think this is a good approach to give an insight into different career opportunities available for students. ANC also conducts career guidance seminars which help guide students on the correct path. Above all, both Psychology and Business students are given internship opportunities in their final year.
What’s the student experience like at ANC?
Students feel a close sense of community at ANC- both among students and between students and faculty and students and Student Affairs division headed by Mrs. Aruni Mahipala, the Director/ COO. Unpretentious and genuine in her interest in the academic success of every student, she made sure we all felt welcome and comfortable as freshmen and pushed us to make the most of the college experience inside and outside the classroom.
Does graduating from a prestigious university make a difference in landing a good job?
The reputation of one’s alma mater might have some impact on launching a career, but you are your work, not your paper qualifications. Even if you have a degree, information seems to be ever-changing. Therefore job applicants need to adjust to current trends without being dependent only on the knowledge gained from books. Some jobs would give applicants a problem to solve in a matter of minutes and sometimes it may not require prior knowledge as it would just be a matter of using one's common sense.
What's your message for prospective students?
ANC is a good place to pursue your higher education. It offers well-defined pathways that will lead to a rewarding career. ANC offers HNDs, undergraduate degrees which give you the opportunity to complete your education at ANC or transfer to Canada or the USA, MBAs, and even a Masters in Clinical Psychology from University of West London. As a former psychology student I feel that ANC is a good stepping stone to kick-start your career in psychology as it has become an emerging profession in Sri Lanka. While at ANC, do make the most out of it as it will definitely be an interesting period in your life.
ANC’s good wishes are with Kamanthi for her to accomplish greater feats and excel in all areas of her life!


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