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ANC makes a first-rate American degree more accessible and affordable

ANC Education, since its inception in 2002, has seen hundreds of students from the Maldives flying to Sri Lanka in the pursuit of high quality higher education, and as the Maldives is becoming a top of mind luxury destination for international visitors, the BBA degree in Hospitality Management, offered by Northwood University of the USA, continues to draw many Maldivian students seeking a world-class business education in Colombo. Maeesha Asif is one of them who made ANC their home-away-from-home and extremely grateful to ANC for the unparalleled educational experience that prepared her for the wider world.
What inspired you to come all the way from the Maldives to be enrolled on Northwood Business Degree program at ANC?
By the time I was done with my O levels, I had figured out what I wanted to specialize in and build a career on. Tourism has always been, and will continue to be the defining industry in Maldives, and I aspire to contribute to the development of it. I did not want to spend any more time studying general subjects for A-levels because I found my path, and so I opted straight for a BBA. I specifically chose ANC’s Business Degree program because ANC was the only accredited university that offered a universally recognized American degree in Hospitality in Sri Lanka.
My country did not have universities offering such well-recognized degrees, and there is no real college life experience in any educational institutes back home. ANC provides a university environment that gives a much better student experience. In comparison with the institutes in the Maldives, ANC provides a much higher standard and quality of education as it follows the American system.
Has ANC lived up to your expectations?
ANC has definitely gone beyond my expectations with the level of education being provided. The entire staff of ANC is very supportive towards students without discrimination. We see them as mentors who guide us through our educational journey. The faculty does a remarkable job in getting students to feel comfortable in adjusting to such a new system and provide us with clear guidelines and even one-on-one help if needed. Also, personally I had accommodation and anything else necessary in moving to Sri Lanka sorted out before I moved here, but I have several friends who have struggled with the move. ANC has helped these international students with not only VISA matters, but also in finding the right accommodation.
How is ANC preparing you for the wider world?
Thinking about my life before I joined ANC, I could have never dreamt of the opportunities I am getting from the college. From my first year itself, I got to experience the Hospitality Industry first-hand by the opportunities given to me by ANC to work in the best 5-star hotels. This has helped cover the practical aspect of our degrees through Internships and Practicums.
ANC experience has also contributed to my personal growth and skill development and shaped me to be a leader. I was the first Hospitality Club President and be involved in several major projects and events well received by the community. And everything from a student society to panel discussions and career fairs is an opportunity to network, and they keep us linked with the business world.
With the way courses are conducted in ANC, learning is not limited to a whiteboard and a projector. Field visits are conducted in almost every course, even outside of Colombo. Student clubs and societies, together with with ANC Student Affairs Office, further expand these experiences.
Short term study abroad programs are also part of the curriculum. We had an amazing experience in Dubai last year, visiting Burj Al Arab, the world’s only seven star hotel; Celebrity Restaurants of esteemed chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Giorgio Locatelli, and Nobu Matsuhisa; the main headquarters of the Dubai Expo 2020; and Rove Downtown, a casual hotel focusing on millennials, highly centered around technology and modern day facilities besides participating in a few professional development training sessions conducted at the Emirates Academy. We could tailor these experiences to our interests and develop new passions that will help us succeed in the future.
Any message for prospective students?
Every student considering pursuing a degree should opt for an accredited, globally recognized university providing world-class education. ANC makes a first-rate American degree more accessible and affordable: ANC is ideal for students from different backgrounds, as they provide the opportunity to complete the degree either in Sri Lanka itself, or even transfer abroad to amazing campuses. The tuition in the USA is threefold than that of here at ANC, yet we receive the academic transcripts from Northwood University, and the same academic standards are held.
Also, being an ANC student does not simply mean getting a degree in a couple of years, it also means growing as a person, transforming yourself into a leader, and recognizing and reaching your fullest potential. Trust me, this college experience is something you would not want to miss, and it’s your turn now!
ANC’s good wishes are with Maeesha for her to achieve her career goals and contribute to the economic development of her motherland!


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