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ANC Transfer Student Sudara Nanayakkara Excels at York University, Canada


Highest Achiever in the Biomedical Department of York University
Sudara Nanayakkara, past student of D.S Senanayake College, joined the Canada University Transfer program as a Biomedical student. His passion for the field and enthusiasm for the subject helped him become the only student in the Biomedical department to receive outstanding marks for his Thesis thus cementing his name across the walls of the esteemed University.
As a student who completed his A/levels in the Biology stream at D.S Senanayake College in 2016, Sudara, who modestly calls himself an ‘Average Student’, has managed to keep Sri Lanka’s flag flying high making his parents, school and country proud by achieving an exceptional mark of A+, the highest score awarded in the Biomedical department by the prestigious panel of professors at York University.
At a young age Sudara knew that he had a passion for Biomedical sciences and joined ANC Education right after his A/Levels to pursue his dreams. The Canada University Transfer program was his No.1 choice that enabled him to select York University amidst a selection of many other top Canadian universities, which allowed him the flexibility to complete 1 year in Sri Lanka and continue the remainder of the program in Canada.
Today Sudara is a proud alumni of ANC Education, and recently graduated from York University in March 2019 with Deans List Honors, a remarkable feat in itself. His academically brilliant thesis involved in-depth research utilizing the likes of plasma technology, level II laboratories, and covered more than 60 different medical journals, references and articles to develop his outstanding research. Sudara’s undergraduate degree thesis was on ‘Investigation of Neutrophil Adhesion to Polystyrene and Glass Surfaces and Enhance of Adhesion by Surface Activation through Plasma Treatment”. He was the only student that scored the highest mark for his thesis from the entire Biomedical department at York University.
During his visit to ANC recently we managed to have a chat about his amazing journey and his life changing accomplishments in pursing his dreams.
Why did you choose ANC right after you’re A/Ls?
It was my wish to follow the Biomedical science field in Canada and graduate from a world recognized Canadian University. ANC Education offered a clear pathway to achieve my goals with the 1+3 Canada University Transfer Program. Coming from the local A/L stream and studying under the local education system I thought it would be quite challenging to adopt to a totally different U.S education system. However, many of the seniors in my school had joined ANC and have done extremely well. My parents supported my decision to join ANC as the ANC brand name is synonymous with quality education that offered a proven pathway to achieve my higher education goals in Canada.
How did the first year at ANC help you as a Transfer Student?
Enrolling in a prestigious university is daunting to anyone right after A/levels, and as a freshman student I needed that support to ease my transition from School to University life. From my very first day at ANC I was warmly welcomed into the ANC family. I was pleased to find such a friendly and helpful environment, the Student Affairs Office and Academic Office were committed to assisting us find our way around the chosen field of study, help us get familiar with the Canadian credit system, choosing the right courses and ensuring that they are transferrable to the University in Canada. The lecturers were generous with their time and stayed after hours to assist us with our academic course work. The ANC student life enabled me to transform and reach the standards expected by students in a foreign university. Hence, ANC prepared and geared me to University life in Canada.
What made you choose York University, Canada?
As a transfer student it was important that I considered several factors before selecting the university I wanted to transfer to in Canada. The entire process of applying, selecting and sending course guidelines and relevant documents to the universities was supported and guided by the ANC University Placement team. York University was my first choice because York accepted more than 80% of my credit course work and I was able to transfer 60 credits out of the 70 credits I had completed at ANC. York is also ranked among the Top 20 best universities in Canada and highly recognized around the world. York university acceptance rate is lower than many universities at 27%, hence only high performing students with above average G.P.A get accepted to York University. I was ecstatic when I received my acceptance letter from York University which was a major milestone for me in achieving my higher education goals.
How does it feel like to receive the highest mark for your Thesis in the Biomedical department?
Majoring in Biomedical Science was always my passion and it was further fueled by transferring to York University which was a state-of-the-art university and fully equipped with several laboratories, libraries and a vast and spacious campus with access to a multitude of resources that enabled a Biomedical student like myself to dive deep into my research. I worked hard, poured my heart and soul, and committed long hours to develop my thesis and it really paid off. It was one of my biggest accomplishments to have received the highest mark of A+ for my thesis and it was an unforgettable life experience that molded me into overcoming obstacles and strive to always believe in my passion and dreams.
Finally, I would like to appreciate ANC for their excellent support and professionalism in supporting me to gain entry into the Biomedical program as well as guiding me to obtain the acceptance letter from York University; one of the best Universities in the world. ANC Education brought out the best in me which is why both my younger brothers have already enrolled at ANC after their O/Ls and A/Ls from D.S Senanayake College and Lyceum International. Today I am a proud Biomedical graduate from York University.
A special thanks to Ms. Manouri Malalage – ANC Head of U.S University Placement Unit for her tremendous help and support and assisting me throughout the complicated transfer process and to obtain my Canadian visa with ease. Thank you for all the help and support and I wish all the staff at ANC the very best.


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