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International students are considered to be excellent candidates for Canadian PR, and ANC offers a well-defined pathway to settlement in Canada.

Hundreds of local students have received a head start in life as they opted for the Canadian University Transfer Program offered at ANC Education. ANC’s partnerships with a number of world-class universities of Canada, including University of Toronto, York University, University of Alberta, Acadia University, McMaster University, University of Waterloo, and Algoma University offer extensive transfer opportunities which allow for a greater range of undergraduate study options, maximum credit recognition, and scholarships up to CAD 5000.
Under 1+3 and 2+2 transfer agreements, local students finishing OLs and ALs are eligible to complete the year 1/ years 1 and 2 at ANC and transfer to a Canadian university for an exceptional international experience.
Dinith Paul, a past student of the British School of Bahrain was enrolled on ANC’s Canadian University Transfer Program last spring. A well rounded student equally adept at dealing with his workload in college and contributing to the school community, Dinith has served his school as the Head Prefect, Sports Captain, and Football Captain besides being a Toastmasters Gavel Club president in Bahrain in 2017. He returned to Sri Lanka after completing his A Levels last year to start his undergraduate degree in Engineering at ANC.
A few excerpts from the interview with Dinith follow
Why did you choose to study at ANC?
International students are considered to be excellent candidates for Canadian PR, and ANC offers a well-defined pathway to settlement in Canada. Also, it’s a more affordable stepping stone to a world-class degree from a US/ Canadian university. Put simply, it’s a profitable path best suited for my family and my career goals.
What’s your freshman year like at ANC?
It’s an exciting college experience. We have access to the same standard of education as practiced in Canada and the USA. The General Education Program (freshman year) is offered by Northwood University of the USA. This ensures that the academic credits earned at ANC will count at any university in the US/ Canada. This saves our time and money as we can start out there as a sophomore or junior.
ANC also offers an outstanding network of support which includes professors and staff members, very friendly and approachable; academic and transfer advisors; meetings with US/ Canadian university representatives; and one-on-one remedial tuition free of charge.
The experiences ANC students have outside the classroom are also wonderful; opportunities for involvement include several student clubs and many activities organized throughout the year. I think I made the right choice in joining ANC.
In one sentence, what does ANC mean to you?
ANC means opportunity.
Canada’s Popularity as Study Abroad Destination for International Students
Canada’s international student population has tripled in recent years, and several factors have contributed to this surge: “one is the quality of education. Canada boasts uniformly high standards of higher education since all the universities in Canada are public. Second, it’s Canada’s reputation as an open and welcoming society. There’s no other country that I know of treats international students as well as Canada does: as soon as they land in the country, they get the ability to work on and off campus during their studies. And when they graduate, they become eligible for a post-graduation work permit for up to a maximum of three years. They gain valuable Canadian work experience and earn money. Ultimately, it’s the pathway to qualify for permanent residence. Canada is also a very safe country,” says Mr. Brent Krmpotich, Director of Student Recruitment, Marketing, and Communications at Algoma University of Canada.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Canada indeed is a good place for international students to settle down.
    Ingel Soong

  2. What other advice would you provide with regards to tuition fees?


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