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How to Spend Less on American & Canadian Education, & What most Universities aren’t telling you !

Predicted London O/L & A/L results are out! If you scored good grades for your O/Levels or A/Levels you are among the lucky ones that can qualify for Scholarships for your higher studies. Even if you didn’t get your expected result there is no need to panic! ANC Education offers American & Canadian Education pathways for every student to obtain a Bachelor’s degree from top universities and the opportunities are endless.

Are you considering a U.S or Canadian degree after your O/L or A/Ls ? 

The best choice is choosing a pathway that will meet your needs and require you to spend less money!

Here are several pathways to U.S & Canada offered at ANC that will save you millions of LKR:

·        Students can transfer to any U.S or Canada university and get a cost saving of up to LKR 9.5 million

·        The only U.S Degree Completion Program in Sri Lanka offers students a cost saving of up to LKR 19 million

·        Our Partnership Universities at Northwood University and Northern Arizona University offer the 3+1 U.S Transfer program that provides a cost savings of up to LKR 13 million

Firstly, ANC Education is the pioneer of providing U.S Education in Sri Lanka since 2002 and have built a solid reputation as the leading transnational institute for US & Canadian Education.

US/Canada Transfer Program

Students can complete up to two years of their U.S/Canadian degree program at ANC and transfer to U.S or Canada to complete the remaining two years of the degree program. This allows them to forgo the living and accommodation costs and tuition fees at the international student rates, which offers a significant cost savings.      

Part-time work opportunities include on-campus work up to 20 hours in U.S, and On & off campus part-time work in Canada that provide additional financial relief.  

Upon graduation students are eligible for OPT- optional practical training in U.S and up to 3 years of work experience in Canada.  Post-graduation work offers a decent return-on-your education investment as well.

U.S Degree Completion Program

The full U.S Degree can be completed in Sri Lanka. ANC is the only institute that offers a 100% U.S Business & U.S Psychology degree completion program directly awarded by Northwood University and Northern Arizona University of U.S.A respectively.

Benefits of the U.S Degree Completion Program:

·       Guaranteed Paid Student Internships (GPSI) at top corporates as part of the curriculum

·        Supervised internships for Psychology majors

·        Employment within 3 months of graduation

Transfer to U.S for your Final Year

Students have the opportunity to complete up to 3 years in Sri Lanka at ANC and transfer to U.S for the final year of your Business degree at Northwood University (NU) and Psychology degree at Northern Arizona University (NAU).

The 3+1 University Transfer Program to NU or NAU provide students with 100% guaranteed credit transfers and OPT work opportunities upon graduation for one-year.

Visit the U.S & Canada University Fair on Thursday 10th of September 2020 at ANC Education from 4p.m onwards and meet over 20 Top universities from New York, Toronto, Arizona, Vancouver & more face to face virtually at ANC premises.

Register Today! CALL 076-998-9635

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