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This is Why Australia Tops the List for the Best Study Destinations in the World!

The Australian Education System has an impressive International reputation that makes Graduates from Australian Universities highly desirable to both Australian and International Employers. But what makes Australia so special as a Study Destination?

Sri Lankan's have a Special Affinity to Australia

Sri Lankan's choose Australia as one of their favorite spots for Travel, Education, Post-Graduate work, Permanent Residency opportunities & more. It seems like Australia has it all.  

Australia and Sri Lanka have shared a close relationship that goes back more than 70 years. The long standing friendship has reinforced a strong bond between the two countries. Australia is home to more than 100,000 Sri Lankan's and the Sri Lankan Australian community is the 12th largest ethnic group in Australia.

Even more fascinating is the number of Sri Lankan students in Australian Universities which indicates that Sri Lankan's have a special affinity to go to Australia for their Higher Studies. 

It is no secret that the Land Down Under is a sweet haven that attracts the best students from around the Globe. But lets see why!

The Top 100 Best Educational Institutes in the World are in Australia

Did you know Australia has one of the highest number of Colleges and Universities enlisted in the Top 100 Best Educational Institutes in the World? 

  • 37 of the World’s Best Universities are based in Australia.  These Australian Universities are listed in the 2019 edition of the QS World University Rankings 
  • The Global Top 100 Rankings have 7 Universities based in Australia and 15 Universities in the Global 250 Rankings.
  • And there are over 1,200 Institutions and 22,000+ courses in Australia that will offer a wide range of options in terms of Education for International Students.

Did you know that ANC Education has partnered with EIGHT of the Top 100 Worlds Best Australian Universities listed in the 2019 QS World University Rankings?

Here are 8 of the Top 100 Universities in Australia that ANC has partnered with:

·         University of Wollongong (UOW)
·         Macquarie University
·         Western Sydney University (WSU)
·         La Trobe University
·         Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
·         James Cook University (JCU)
·         University of South Australia (UniSA)
·         University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Students can study at Top 100 Australian Universities through the ANC Australian Foundation and Diploma programs.

High Quality of Education has Gained Global Recognition for Australian Universities. 

Australian Universities set standards in almost all aspects of Education. One thing that sets them apart is that the Australian Government regulates every Australian university to ensure that they are maintaining a high standard of Education. Providing Universities with generous government funding & high focus towards Quality Education, Australia has a very dominant global impact in terms of Quality.

8 Noble Prize Awards among their Greatest Achievements 

Australia prides itself on receiving 8 Noble Prize Awards. Scientists and researchers from Australia are world renowned and are given credit for many major breakthroughs in Technological Advancements around the globe.

Want to Study at a Top 100 University in Australia?

The easiest and fastest pathway to study at a Top 100 University in Australia is through ANC Education. Over the past decade ANC has worked diligently to secure the confidence of many students and their families, and through their numerous University Partnerships have helped students to pursue their academic and professional dreams in leading Australian Universities.

ANC Australian Foundation Program

ANC Education offers one of the leading Transfer and Student Placement Services for Australian Higher Education in the country. ANC provides Guaranteed Pathways to 22 of the best Universities in Australia through the ANC Australian Foundation Program. ANC is the only Institute with the highest number of Australian Partner Universities in Sri Lanka.  Our 22 Australian University Partners are:

1.    University of Wollongong (UOW)

2.    Macquarie University

3.    Western Sydney University (WSU)

4.    La Trobe University

5.    Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT)

6.    Charles Sturt University (Study Group)

7.    Edith Cowan University (ECU)

8.    Murdoch University

9.    Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

10.  James Cook University (JCU)

11.  University of South Australia (UniSA)

12.  University of Tasmania (UTAS)

13.  Deakin College

14.  La Trobe College

15.  Edith Cowan College

16.  Eynesbury College

17.  Taylors College (UWA)

18.  William Angliss Institute of TAFE

19.  UOW College

20.  QUT College

21.  Flinders International Study Center (Study Group)

22.  ANU College (Study Group)

Students who successfully complete the ANC Australian Foundation program gets direct entry to the first year of their Bachelor's Degree program at  leading Australian universities to pursue their higher studies in Engineering, Business, Information Technology, Science or Arts.

ANC Foundation program is a 10 month course and is not only limited to classroom sessions but also aims at developing the soft skills of a student. The curriculum is inclusive of presentations, assignments and many exercises which deliver students the confidence to transfer to leading Australian Universities/colleges to commence their first year.

The entry criteria for the Foundation Program requires a minimum qualification of 5 O/L (Credit) passes or one can also join with pending O/L results.

ANC Australian Diploma Program

ANC Australian Diploma program is equivalent to the 1st Year of a Bachelor’s degree program and offers students who have passed A/Levels the unique opportunity for guaranteed entry into the 2nd year of a Bachelor’s degree program in the following fields:

·         Business

·   Engineering

·   Science

Upon successful completion of the ANC Australian Diploma Program students can get admission into 11 prestigious Australia Universities partnered with ANC.

ANC Australian Diploma program offers a significant cost savings for students: as low cost of LKR. 450,000/- for the entire 12-month program, students can save nearly LKR 2 million when compared to completing the first full year of the degree program in Australia.

WHY Choose ANC to Study in Australia

ANC Education has over a decade of expertise delivering Australian Education programs and has the most experienced academic faculty in the country with immense knowledge in teaching Australian curriculum in Sri Lanka

ANC has produced hundreds of Australian graduates through the ANC Transfer and Direct placement services and have contributed to the success stories of many Sri Lankan graduates in Australia.

Hear what ANC Australian Foundation Students have to say:

Nithuli Thaveesha

School : St. Bridget’s Convent

Program : Foundation in Science

“Compared to Local A/Levels, you can complete the ANC Australian Foundation program in a shorter period of time. It takes just 10 months to complete this program compared to the strenuous 2 years of studies in your A/Levels. Further, it helps you to have a clear future goal. The curriculum has been designed in such a manner which is practical and easy to understand.

My future aspiration is to be a Veterinarian. I know that the ANC Australian Foundation Program will help me to fulfill this aspiration.”

Sanil Perera

School : Royal International School
Program : Foundation in Business

“I felt that the ANC Australian Foundation Program was much more flexible, practical and easier to understand compared to A/Levels. The modules and curriculum is easier than I thought. The lecture panel at ANC, provide me with great support in every aspect of my studies.

ANC also provides great facilities including: a resourceful library, science/Engineering/IT labs, a great cafeteria and a student lounge.

I would like to say that the ANC Australian Foundation program has been the right choice for me.”

Anushi Kavindi Peris

School : The British School in Colombo

Program : Foundation in Business

“I heard about the ANC Australian Foundation program through one of my best friends. The Foundation program can be completed within 10 months.

This program prepares and molds you for your higher studies in Australia. I can undoubtedly say that the ANC Australian Foundation Program is the best pathway for students who have the dream of pursuing university studies in Australia.”

Kleopetra Leporcher

School : The British School in Colombo

Program : Foundation in Science

“I recently joined the ANC Australian Foundation Program. I wasn’t very keen in doing my A/L. While I was looking for options, I came across the Australian Foundation program offered by ANC.

I decided to join the this program as it would help me to graduate 1 year ahead of my friends who are doing A/Levels. I was also encouraged to choose this program, because it allowed me to approach studies more independently. The experienced panel of lecturers at ANC, always provide me with valuable advice and guidance.” 

For information contact 076-998-9635 or visit or“ANC
Future Centre” / “ANC Australian Foundation” and Instagram page – “ancfuturecenter”. Face to Face and online counselling is available.


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